First Times: Sex & Drugs

It’s finally here, a brand new - 6 episode long - studio shot season, packed with hilarious new segments, a more diverse cast than ever before, sluttier science and freaker facts. Real, raw and uncensored as always Ellen Moore and her guests discuss the pretty and the painful. Having uncomfortable conversations about privilege and race, uncovering the social constructs of gender & sexuality and discussing intersectional feminism in a patriarchal society. Unforgettable anecdotes, heartwarming honesty and a whole lot of juice - this is season 4... Enjoy your weekly dose of empowerment!

In this week's episode Slut Show regular Kaia Manoeli (she/her) joins us in the studio discussing all things first times. From sex to drugs and from periods to masturbation, no question will be left unasked. Basically ‘The My First Time Tag’ of the YouTube beauty blogger era, but then actually interesting, spilling all the tea you can imagine. But no Slut Show, without Slutty Science, so let's crack open some facts, shall we?

When looking into statistics of what age people first had sex, a couple of things stand out. The countries where people begin having sex with one another at the youngest age, are also countries that are more accepting towards LGBTQIA+ folks. It’s countries which can generally be considered to be more feminist and thus have more equal rights for all people - no matter their gender identity, the color of their skin or their sexual preference.

Before we look into global statistics, let’s take a look at my homeland. The country notorious for drugs and prostitution: the Netherlands. We - Dutchies - begin french kissing at around 15.8, begin fondling our partners at around 16.5 and proceed to hit second base - hitting that magic doorbell and rubbing Aladdin's lamp - at around 17.6. Oral sex usually happens around age 18.2 and sexual intercourse - which is ofcourse a very heteronormative definition of what sex is - happens roughly at 18.6 years old. But what about the rest of the world?

Ice-land’s first time sex age lays around 15.6, but generally people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Israel, Bulgaria and Portugal all begin their sexually active lives around the age of 16.

Malaysia tops the list with an average of first time sex that lays around the age of 23. Followed by India with 22.9, Singapore with 22.8 and China with 22.1. A plausible theory for that relatively late commencement of sexual activity, could be due to the cultural context and the ways culture and sex education mutually influence one another.

Another couple of interesting ages you might be wondering about are the Netherlands, taking up the 22nd place on the list of longest waiters, with an average first time sex age around 18.1. Canada ends up tied with the Netherlands and Greece. The USA ranks at a similar age of 18 years old, Aussies are roughly 17.9 years old and UK citizens are roughly 18.3 years old.

When delving into statistics about the use of drugs and the age drugs are first used, finding objective and descriptive statistics is hard as most of them are focused on why it’s bad and why you shouldn’t do drugs in the first place. We are not denying, nor confirming any of that, but what we (for legal purposes) will say is that I, nor anyone working for The Slut Show, promote the use of any sort of drugs.

That being said… over the past decades the mean age of drug initiation, in the United States, has risen among individuals aged 12 to 21. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent statistics in regards to drug use. 

The first time people use alcohol - because, yes that is a drug - is roughly around 16.7 y/o. Before that they tend to consume marijuana at age 16.5, followed by alcohol. Thereafter comes tobacco cigarettes at age 16.8, methamphetamines are first consumed around age 17.3, followed by XTC around age 17.7, followed by heroine generally used first around age 18 and lastly cocaine used first at the highest age roughly around 18.2 years old.

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