About Us

The Slut Show is founded by our host and executive producer: Ellen Moore. She's a queer intersectional feminist, environmentalist and taboo breaking bombshell who won't stop talking about sex. But, The Slut Show is about way more than sex.

It is about breaking taboos, asking questions & fucking the patriarchy, by having real, raw, uncensored & heartfelt conversations about topics that matter.

In a safe space we aim to make room for the voices of marginalized folks, creating a place to listen to the pain & sorrow, to the hopes & dreams of those who came before us.

Found in & by intersectional feminism, we support the radical belief that everybody should have the same opportunities and get treated equally - regardless of the color of their skin, the size of their body, the gender they identify with or the people they choose to love.

The feminism we know today rests upon the fundament black, indigenous, people of color & the queer community build for us. May the battles they fought & the struggles they overcame keep the raging fire in our hearts alive, to make sure that they - nor their legacy - will ever be forgotten.