Gender Inequality & Why Birth Control Should Be Taken By Men

This week on The Slut Show Ellen Moore is joined by politician, black lives matter activist and social justice warrior Daryll (he/him). They discuss institutionalized racism, generational traumas, why feminism also benefits men and what it’s like learning how to deal with your emotions as a man in a patriarchal society. This week’s Slutty Science looks into gender inequality and why birth control should be made for men, rather than women.

Please note: this article contains information about violence against women & the lack of female bodily autonomy, which may be triggering for some readers.

The structure of gender inequality, rooted in the patriarchal world we live in, has been associated with a culture of violence against women.

The educational and occupational status of women in countries has been shown to be correlated to the prevalence of sexual violence in a country, with a higher social status of women corresponding with lower rates of sexual violence. 

Physical violence against women is more likely to occur, then psychical violence against men. This culture deteriorates due to lack of representation of women in legal and criminal justice systems, contributes to upholding a society in which men can use physical violence against women without fear of punishment.

Women are aware that not all men are shit, but not every woman needs to be a victim of violence for violence to control the lives of women. If a climate develops in which women know that sexual violence occurs, a woman does not personally have to be a victim to feel fearful.

As a matter of fact, this is a standard terrorist strategy. Violence against some, creates terror, resulting in limited behavior of many. A culture of violence against women - which has been linked to structures of male dominance, like we know them from the patriarchy - grows a culture of fear amongst women.

Let’s look at some statistics. The prevalence estimates of lifetime intimate partner violence (with female victims) range from 20% in the Western Pacific, 22% in high-income countries like Europe, 25% in America, 33% in the African region, 31% in the Eastern Mediterranean region and 33% in the South-East Asia region.

Femicide is a difficult word for a woman being murdered. Globally around 38% of all femicides are committed by intimate partners. Only 5% of all homicides - men being murdered - are committed by intimate partners.

Apart from the violence women face, there are many more statistics which illustrate the inequality ingrained in our society, like we discussed in the Slutty Science from episode 2.

One of the areas of society in which inequality plays a huge role is women's reproductive rights. Why are men deciding what women are and are not allowed to do with their bodies?

When looking at the facts, birth control is given to the wrong gender. One man can impregnate 9 women every day for 9 months. Those are 2430 pregnancies. And yes, we are aware that impregnating 9 women a day is highly unlikely, but even in the case that he impregnates one woman every day, for 9 months, that is still 270 babies. One woman however, can only birth 1 child in that same period of time. Man Milk is anywhere between 270 and 2430 times more dangerous than a uterus. So when are we going to stop shooting at bullet proof vests and start unloading the goddamn gun?

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