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Months of brainstorms, weeks of preparation, days of shooting and endless hours of editing – today the moment the first episode is airing is FI-NA-LLY here. I am beyond proud to introduce my new podcast/ talk-show: ‘The Slut Show With Ellen Moore’.

A place to speak openly about shit we females have to deal with on a daily basis. About feminism, insecurities, feeling like a bomb ass bitch and obviously about loads of sex. Raw, real and uncensored, I strive to give you your weekly dose of empowerment. 

As a journalist I find it extremely important to stick to facts. That is exactly why I created the segment ‘Slutty Science.’ In hopes to not only entertain you with The Slut Show, but also to learn you something new with every episode. I hope you are just as excited to read the Slutty Science info on here weekly, as I am to be doing the research behind it. 

This week on The Slut Show my co-host Yrsa Maria and I are discussing insecurities. While one has more insecurities than others, there are certain triggers that can increase insecurities. The main one being disordered self image.

Instagram health influencers have been proven to form a direct danger to both the mental and physical health of their followers. Even though their way of bringing information makes it seemingly more easily accessible and therefore has the potential to create a valuable new way of reaching the younger audience, the information itself has a tendency to lack scientific proof. Opinions are often brought as factual and due to the friendly connection influencers have with their followers - who mostly consist of underage girls - their audience is targeted far more easily. Don’t even get me started about the conflict of interest, due to commercial interest influencers have.

Research shows youngsters - in specific underage girls - would much rather collect their information from influencers, who unfortunately are often insufficiently educated to give proper health advice. Influencers therefore have been proven to undermine the once so powerful position educators, doctors and dietitians held. 

There is a direct causality visible in following health influencers on social media and having a deteriorated self-image. This progressively worse self image has been shown to often lead to disordered eating behavior. Therefore the emerge of (health) influencers on social media can be directly linked to an increased amount of eating disorders - in particular orthorexia - among their target audience (still consisting of mostly younger women). 

The insecurities women suffer from in the bedroom can partially be explained by the need women feel to be the ‘perfect sexual partner’. This feeling was shown to be related to appearance self-consciousness during sex, pressure put onto women by both society, but also pressure experienced to be put onto them by their own partner, as well as lack of communication in the bedroom.

Self directed sexual perfectionism was found to be clearly less problematic and more easily solvable. Namely by better communication in the bedroom.

Partner related sexual perfectionism however was found to be mostly caused by body dysmorphia and therefore also less easily solvable.

From this astonishing information we can conclude that, firstly, health influencers have an undeniable negative impact on the mental and physical health of their followers and, secondly, that you are not alone if you feel like you need to be perfect in the bedroom.

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Lots of love,

Ellen Moore.

‘The Slut Show With Ellen Moore’: A place to speak openly about shit you and I have to deal with on a daily basis. About feminism, insecurities, feeling like a bomb ass bitch and obviously about loads of sex. Raw, real and uncensored, Ellen Moore brings you your weekly dose of empowerment.



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